Get Lifted Face With S-Lift Surgery in Quezon City and Philippines

S lift Philippines

We all want lifted look for our face. There are various techniques that are available and that could give us a flawless look. For that we first need to visit the best surgeon in Philippines. The surgeon might suggest for the procedure known as S-Lift surgery.  The procedure is called S-Lift surgery due to the fact that an “S” shaped incision is made in front of the ear. The surgeon by making the incision can lift up the skin and underlying tissues to give a youthful appearance. There are various reasons why people prefer to undertake the surgery. Given and mentioned below are the few reasons on why they undertake the surgery:

·         The procedure is less invasive

·         Recovery time is very quick

·         General anesthetic is not used in the process

·         It is a low cost procedure

·         It is combined with other procedures for maximum results

·         Fewer complications and risks

Not everyone qualifies for the surgery. People who qualify for the surgery are:


·         Patients who wants to tighten and lift the parts  of the lower face

·         Patients concerned with jowling

·         Patients who want prominent jaw lines

·         Patients with less time for recovery

·         Older face with excessive saggy skin are not very good candidate for the surgery

The S-Lift procedure is done by the surgeon in Philippines under a combination of twilight sedation and local anesthetic. The incision is first made in the creases in front of the ear. After the incision is made the deeper layer of soft tissue is later elevated and tightened. The procedure takes around 2 hours to conclude, and bandages are then applied. After the procedure is completed, you will be required to remain in the recovery room for one to two hours. You should be accompanied by some friends or relative while undertaking the surgery. You will have to return to the hospital the next day to remove the bandage and apply special designed facial garment. You will have to take complete rest after the surgery is done. Depending on the amount of work done on your facial structure, you will have to take 10 to 14 days off work. After fourth or fifth day of the surgery, your stitches will be removed. There might be some swelling or bruising, but medications will be provided by your surgeon to ease the pain. The procedure is quite safe and affordable in Philippines and you will get a more youthful look after undertaking the surgery. There will be no scar visible after the surgery. It is a scar less surgery. You will be quite satisfied with the result after the surgery is over.

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